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Elbow for 25 mm PE-Tube SKU: 103551 | Code: 7170500

Elbow for 25 mm PE-Tube

Elbow for 25 mm PE-Tube
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Keine Marke
  • Product Description
    Elbow for 25 mm PE-Tube
  • Technical Data
    System multisystem

    string(11) "multisystem"

    Multi-system universal

    string(9) "universal"

    Model Irrigation parts

    string(16) "Irrigation parts"

    Model II Irrigation connectors

    string(21) "Irrigation connectors"

    Model III Angles

    string(6) "Angles"

    SKU 103551

    string(6) "103551"

    Shape various-shaped

    string(14) "various-shaped"

    operational phase grow and bloom phase

    string(20) "grow and bloom phase"

    Pro level beginner-expert

    string(15) "beginner-expert"

    Assembled state complete

    string(8) "complete"

    Brand Keine Marke

    string(11) "Keine Marke"

    WEEE-Reg.-No DE 93947660

    string(11) "DE 93947660"

    Code 7170500

    string(7) "7170500"

    Diameter in mm 25mm

    string(4) "25mm"

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