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T.A. Oligo Spectrum, 5 L (GHE Bio Essentials) SKU: 102563 | Code: DEEN41007

T.A. Oligo Spectrum, 5 L (GHE Bio Essentials)

This product is a compound mix of micro-nutrients in chelate form. Bio Essentials is a vital nutrient supplement, allowed for bio-cultivation. Bio Essentials can also be used to spray house plants.
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Terra Aquatica (GHE)
  • Product Description
    T.A. Oligo Spectrum, 5 L (GHE Bio Essentials) T.A. Oligo Spectrum is a complete mix of micro-nutrients in chelated form and a vital food supplement, approved for organic farming. It is also suitable for spraying indoor plants. For best results, keep the pH between 5.5 and 6.5 and GHE fertilizers are highly concentrated. In order to avoid precipitation, the components should never be mixed directly with each other, but should be added to the water separately. The dosage indications on the bottle are for hydroponics and substrate cultivation, all substrates: expanded clay, rock wool, perlite, coconut fibre, etc.
  • Technical Data
    System hydro

    string(5) "hydro"

    Model Organic fertilisers

    string(19) "Organic fertilisers"

    Model II All-phase fertiliser

    string(20) "All-phase fertiliser"

    Model III Mehrkomponentend√ľnger

    string(22) "Mehrkomponentend√ľnger"

    SKU 102563

    string(6) "102563"

    Material organic

    string(7) "organic"

    Shape various-shaped

    string(14) "various-shaped"

    Pro level advanced-expert

    string(15) "advanced-expert"

    Brand Terra Aquatica (GHE)

    string(20) "Terra Aquatica (GHE)"

    WEEE-Reg.-No DE 93947660

    string(11) "DE 93947660"

    Code DEEN41007

    string(9) "DEEN41007"

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