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Grow In AG was founded in 1995 and now offers one of the largest international ranges of carefully checked and selected items for successful plant cultivation. In March 2020, Grow In AG merged with the English wholesaler HydroGarden LTD. Together, Hydrogarden and Grow In AG now form the largest wholesaling company for hydroponic growing accessories in Europe. Together they can look back on almost 50 years of experience. Trading in a wide range of well-known branded products and very successful own brands has since expanded.

As the first hydroponics shop in the EU - founded by two students - Grow In AG attracted a lot of customer attention across all of Europe. With the introduction of mail orders and the expansion of customer service through showrooms, web shops and advice, the most important steps towards becoming a logistics company were completed.

Since spring 2013, the company is located at Wallenroder Straße 7-9, 13435 Berlin. Over 6,000 m² of storage space offer room for a variety of products and the technological requirements to meet customer requirements as quickly as possible. Over 50 employees work every day to provide optimal customer service and to further develop the industry with all its potential.

Grow In AG relies on renewable energies for sustainable and environmentally conscious management. That is why the company draws district heating from the Märkisches Viertel biomass cogeneration plant, which generates green energy directly across from the company's headquarters on Wallenroder Straße - with annual CO2 savings of up to 26,000 tons.

Our philosophy:

Grow In AG aims to meet the needs of its customers in the best possible way and thus offers outstanding customer service. That is why Grow In AG covers the entire product cycle - from research and development to delivery to the customer - and has done so for over 25 years!

Current projects

Gardens of the Diaspora - Jewish Museum in Berlin

In the academy atrium, plants thrive in an unusual environment: without any direct contact with the soil, with little natural light and artificial irrigation. The plants represent various climate zones and are obliged to hold their own and adapt far from their indigenous environment under new climatic conditions. They live in the diaspora (Greek: “dispersal”). Many plants have a particular reference to Jewish life. Some of them bear the names of Jewish celebrities while others play a particular role on Jewish holidays. Then again, others bearing traditional plant names indicate anti-Jewish attitudes. The reflector screens are Adjust-A-Wings Defender from the range offered by Grow In AG.

Wooden experimental greenhouse and planned wooden rooftop greenhouse

We are a fitter and support partner to the experimental greenhouse on the timber market. The new “Kreativdorf” (creative village) plans an ambitious technical centre design with student accommodation. A large greenhouse is being built on the roof of the building which unites fish farming and crop cultivation in line with the latest scientifically tested methods. We are accredited for the project in our capacity as fitter and consultant.

The Grow In AG “Natural Solar Protection” vegetable cultivation project

In our own commercial building, we built an automatically irrigated bean row in 2014 extending about 100 metres along the window front. This enabled us to reduce room temperature by several degrees in summer compared to the previous year, offering employees an additional motivation at work while harvesting a huge volume of outstanding organic beans. In 2015, we took the project a stage further by building a tomato canopy for tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. The system is still subject to improvement before we can offer it commercially but the successful test runs are significantly helping us to reach our goal of offering such services for sale.

Energy-efficient and ecological building utilisation is one of the areas in which Grow In AG is developing new solutions. We are convinced that this growth market will soon significantly alter the appearance of our cities and their energy footprints.