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Welcome on growin NT ! With effort and passion for detail our it-team puts his back into our new webbusiness portal to support your better product selection, buying descision and order processing. New look, tuned server technology, information-power, filternavigation, precise product search, availibility system with auto information, compare lists, datasheet feature and many more goodies are integrated for you. Be better informed, save time, have fun, increase your success and raise your productivity. Your opinion counts - please vote !

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About Us

The grow in AG is a mid-size wholesale enterprise for plant breeding technology and garden equipment based in Berlin. Being one of the leading European supplier we are specialised on the greenhouse- and indoor division. Our hand-picked range of products offers you a great product diversity in the fields of irrigation-, lighting-, ventilation-, climate control- and measurement technology. Moreover you can find a broad spectrum of greenhouses and growboxes, soils and substrates, fertiliser and plant protection, seeds, technical literature and Multimedia and also accessory and tools which you need as an ambitioned indoor gardener.

Besides all of all the traditional products and brands you can also find a lot of high quality and reliable products which are developed and refined continuously by ourselves and wich we sell under our well known own brands such as Elektrox, GIB-Lighting, Ventilution and much more. The great range of products is supported by our long-standing, well-coordinated team, top services and powerful logistics. This combination makes grow in your best partner in plant breeding technology.

Here you can read more about our company, it's history and our philosophy.

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