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Venture Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 600W SKU: 101389 | Code: 8300400

Venture Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 600W

Metal halide discharge lamp, run by balllast suitable for sodium discharge lamps.
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Venture Sunmaster
  • Product Description
    Venture Lighting Sunmaster Cool Deluxe discharge lamp has a power of 600 W and uses a mains voltage of 220-240 V. The CE-marked MH grow lamp works at a mains frequency of 50 Hz and with an operating current of 6.2 A. The Venture Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 600W consists of a clear T76 envelope with an E40 threaded fitting. Its long operating life is an impressive 16000 h. The Sunmaster Cool Deluxe has an impressively high PAR value of 195 µmol/s, and features an outstanding luminous intensity of 50000 lm and a lighting efficiency of 195 lm/W. With its colour temperature of 6000 K, the daylight white colouring of the light, and the white-blue colour spectrum, this high-quality lamp from Venture Lighting supports the growth of plants in particular.
  • Technical Data
    System MH

    string(2) "MH"

    Model Discharge lamps

    string(15) "Discharge lamps"

    Model II Growth lamps

    string(12) "Growth lamps"

    variant T76

    string(3) "T76"

    SKU 101389

    string(6) "101389"

    Material metal, glass, plastic

    string(21) "metal, glass, plastic"

    Shape piston-shaped

    string(13) "piston-shaped"

    Surface transparent

    string(11) "transparent"

    Note Reflector and ballast required for operation !

    string(46) "Reflector and ballast required for operation !"

    Assembled state one-piece complete

    string(18) "one-piece complete"

    Brand Venture Sunmaster

    string(17) "Venture Sunmaster"

    WEEE-Reg.-No DE 93947660

    string(11) "DE 93947660"

    Output in Watt 600W

    string(4) "600W"

    Mains connection socket thread

    string(13) "socket thread"

    Mains voltage V 220-240V

    string(8) "220-240V"

    Watt variant 250W, 400W, 1000W

    string(17) "250W, 400W, 1000W"

    Watt range 250-1000W

    string(9) "250-1000W"

    Operating current 6.2A

    string(4) "6.2A"

    Operating position universal

    string(9) "universal"

    Socket E40

    string(3) "E40"

    Colour range weiß-blau

    string(10) "weiß-blau"

    Colour temperature 6000K

    string(5) "6000K"

    Light efficiency 195Lm

    string(5) "195Lm"

    Lamp voltage 110V

    string(4) "110V"

    PAR 195 µmol/s

    string(11) "195 µmol/s"

    Luminosity 50000Lm

    string(7) "50000Lm"

    Code 8300400

    string(7) "8300400"

    Packaging folding box

    string(11) "folding box"

    Diameter in mm 283mm

    string(5) "283mm"

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