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Apart from the standard order procedure via shop search or navigation through the category menu, we offer you two clever professional modules in this area which significantly facilitate and accelerate this process. You can choose between manual entry or uploading a pre-prepared file.

Manual Entry

If you know the article number of the respective product, you can enter it directly, supplement the order quantity and click the "+" button at the end of the line to include it in a subsequent online list. Repeat this process for several items until your order is complete. When you are finished, you can click the “Add to basket” button and complete your order at the checkout.

Article Number


The file upload option enables you to upload onto our server a csv file already created manually offline or by your merchandise information system. Please click the "Upload csv file" button, select the respective data file and confirm using the corresponding operating system mask. Add to your basket by clicking the "Add to basket" button. Please check that your data has been imported correctly before going to the checkout as errors can never be entirely eliminated during automatic transfer processes. The file you wish to upload should correspond with the following sample and comply with the following specifications:

101214 10
... ...

To enable your CSV file to be imported, it must include a header with columns entitled “ArticleID” and “Quantity”. Upper- or lower-case characters and the order of columns or any other table columns are irrelevant for our import module. As an alternative, the “ArticleID” column can also be denoted by 'Article' or 'ID'. The “Quantity” column can also be denoted by 'Qty'. The CSV file should have UTF-8 encoding. Also make sure that your article numbers and quantities are not in inverted commas, a problem often caused by Excel. Also, there should be no empty columns, which can be recognised by the fact that there are one or more separators at the end of each line in the CSV file.