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Connector Cuff 125 mm 101878

Connector Cuff 125 mm

Quantity per pallet: 135 pcs.
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# Keine Marke #
  • Product Description
    Quantity per pallet: 135 pcs.
  • Technical Data
    System multisystem

    string(11) "multisystem"

    Multi-system supply air + exhaust air

    string(24) "supply air + exhaust air"

    Model Metal fittings

    string(14) "Metal fittings"

    Model II Ventilation connectors

    string(22) "Ventilation connectors"

    Model III Connecting collars

    string(18) "Connecting collars"

    variant rigid

    string(5) "rigid"

    SKU 101878

    string(6) "101878"

    Shape tube-shaped

    string(11) "tube-shaped"

    Surface frosted

    string(7) "frosted"

    operational phase grow and bloom phase

    string(20) "grow and bloom phase"

    Pro level beginner-expert

    string(15) "beginner-expert"

    Brand # Keine Marke #

    string(15) "# Keine Marke #"

    WEEE-Reg.-No DE 93947660

    string(11) "DE 93947660"

    Ventilation connection mm 125mm

    string(5) "125mm"