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Clonex, 50 ml

Clonex Rooting gel
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Suggested retailer price | €24,000.00/100l


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  • Product Description
    Clonex Rooting gel
  • Technical Data
    System multisystem

    string(11) "multisystem"

    Model Additives

    string(9) "Additives"

    Model II Seeding gel

    string(11) "Seeding gel"

    SKU 103096

    string(6) "103096"

    Brand Clonex

    string(6) "Clonex"

    Material non-organic

    string(11) "non-organic"

    Pro level beginner-expert

    string(15) "beginner-expert"

    Note For export only !

    string(17) "For export only !"

    WEEE-Reg.-No DE 93947660

    string(11) "DE 93947660"

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